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2021 Senior Women’s Coach Al Gailey


Al has been with SBMT for the past 9 years coaching various teams, from U/12 girls, youth girls and over the past 4 years with the Women’s Team (VAFA).

His coaching ethos has been to support all players, regardless of ability,  and to assist all players in achieving their individual and collective goals.

Al demonstrates the ability to build, support and nurture the team.  Particularly bringing along family and friends so they enjoy watching the growth of individuals and the group.

A strong team culture has developed which underpins Women’s teams and their search for success.


Name Al Gailey
Team Senior Womens
Contact Email
Coaching Accreditation Foundation Coach – Youth

Foundation Coach – Level 1 Senior

AFL Level 2  – Senior

  • Coached Ambulance Victoria Womens AFL team.
Working with Children Current – 26/03/2024
Development Focus “To aid and support female development into leadership roles specifically coaching.”