u17srunningDear Parents, players , families and friends.
We are fast tracking towards the end of football for 2019 and it’s that time where the club starts to prepare for the 2020 Season.  
SBMT are now seeking Coaches Expression of Interest for 2020.
The SBMT Club Policy and expectation is to have each coach maintain their title for a maximum of 2 years.  Once this is completed, all coaches who wish to remain on will need to reapply.  If there isn't another suitable candidate, the outgoing coach will remain for another season if they accept the position.
SBMT are asking ALL parents, friends and siblings who would like to be a coach for the 2020 season, in any age group apply for a coaching role.
We would expect a highly motivated, dedicated and passionate candidate to teach young children/teenagers basic football craft and knowledge, along with great team skills and team morals. 
All coaches will receive support and guidance with training, drills and game day information.
Attached you will find an application form; Please forward your application to 
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Click Here for Application Form
SBMT plan to have the following age groups in 2020;
U8 Boys and Girls                                                   U13 Boys x 2
U9 Boys                                                                   U14 Boys x 2 and Girls x 2
U10 Boys and Girls x 2                                           U15 Boys x 2
U11 Boys                                                                 U16 Boys and Girls x 2, 
U12 Boys x 2 and Girls x 2                                     U17 Boys 
                                                                                 U18 Girls.
Marcus Mooney & Jay Oliver         
Junior Coaching Coordinator St Bedes/Mentone Tigers A.F.C.

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