footyIt was an eventful night on the training track and in the social rooms last night. There was a visit from an AFL coach. A time trial. Committee members working hard on sponsorship and season preparation. A game plan session for all coaches after training with pizza, beer and ice cream - smashing into smithereens the Feb Fast plans of some.

Even though there was a time trial there was no hiding at home from players with close to 60 players on the track as the photo attests. The Phantom recalls many a day when a time trial consisted of two laps of the tan but with some players hiding in the bushes half way up the Anderson St Hill and then rejoining the group at the back of the pack on the second lap.

Seeing members of the committee at the club working away last night as the boys trained provided a good reminder of how important volunteers are to St Bedes/Mentone Tigers and indeed any community sporting club.

Whilst the Phantom is not discovering the atom with this observation, one should never forget the power of what it means to be a volunteer. As a volunteer one gives time. Time is the most precious resource in our lives. It’s not infinite and by being a volunteer people choose to donate it, which is very selfless.

Great work committee, players and others; there is always room for many more volunteers.


The Phantom

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