chris deeChris Dee received Life Membership at our recent AGM in recognition of his truly outstanding contribution.

Way back in 2002 Lachie Dee joined the Tigers as an Under 9.  It wasn’t long before dad rolled up his sleeves and team managed many sides from 2004 right through to 2018. 

Along the way he took on the important task of MSJFL Club secretary from 2008 to 2010.  He also had stints as MSJFL and VAFA registration secretaries as well as MSJFL League delegate.   

Our news report dated 08 October 2008, has Chris as the ticket contact for the Saturday night Junior Music/Sport trivia night.   Over the years there have been countless occasions where Chris put his hand up to make sure it happened

In more recent years he joined the VAFA committee and has thrown his energy behind daughter Bek in growing the game and opportunities to promote and develop women’s football at the club. 

Chris was way, way overdue for this honour. It was remiss of us not to have awarded it much earlier.  

Importantly though we recognise the most important thing that Chris brings to the club.  It’s not that he fills a roll or makes things happen.  It’s more the great positivity and warmness in the way that he goes about it that makes the club better. And the obvious enjoyment that he clearly feels in helping others.  

A terrific recognition and well deserved.

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