leapingtigercroppedreducedGo Tigers!

With the fabulous weather at the moment you’d be forgiven for thinking it was still time to hit the beach! But footy is back with the SMJFL starting Round 1 this weekend and the VAFA moving into Round 2.

There are two home matches at Brindisi St this Saturday with the Reserves playing at 11.40 and the Seniors at 2pm against Old Brighton in the Bayside Derby. Come down with the kids in their Tigers gear and let our teams see your support!

Southern Rd Home matches on Sunday include U9 Boys at 9am, U10 Boys at 10.10, U11 Blue Boys at 11.20, U11 Red Boys at 12.50 and U12 Red Boys at 14.20. For all match detail updates go to the VAFA or SMJFL websites.

Tiger Talk is back

All junior teams are welcome this Sunday night at the clubrooms for the first Tiger Talk of the season! Chicken schnitzel burgers are on the menu, so come and catch up on the news of the first round with all your Tiger mates from 5pm.

Ripper Pics

Anyone taking terrific shots of Tigers, both young and old, forward them to one of the social media coordinators (Jenna Ross – Seniors/ Bek Dee – Girls and Women/ Mick Zakic – Juniors) and they can be posted on the official club Facebook page. Just ask your team manager for the contact details of the correct social media coordinator for your section of the club, forward your ripper pic, and we can share the awesomeness of all our Tiger players!

Day of the Tiger – 28 April

Keep the date free! The Day of the Tiger is coming up in 2 weeks. Heaps of footy is happening throughout the day, finishing with food, the club bar open, bands on stage, and fireworks at night. It will be brilliant to all get together and celebrate belonging to the mighty TIGERS.


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