The club is over the moon in announcing the following coaching reappointment’s for season 2022

Adrian McBean, who has been at the club for the past three years, and who has done an amazing job with the development of our Senior men’s team is keen to take the team deep into September next season.   He will again be ably assisted by senior assistant coach Peter Turley, who have created a fantastic partnership together over the last few years.   Matthew Mitchell, will also return as our Senior men’s reserves coach, and we couldn’t be more happier with what Matt has done in developing our young and exciting players at the club.    Joey Remman, who has ably assisted AL Gailey, as our Senior reserves women’s coach has decided to go around again one more year, which is fantastic news, and we are excited to also announce as Joey’s co-coach, Georgia Wilson, who will add so much experience and enthusiasm to the coaching group.    Lachlan Worthy, who joined the club last year as senior assistant coach to Al Gailey, was a tremendous acquisition to the club this season, and will be there again next year to support Belinda Ousley, as she heads up our Senior women’s program.   Finally, our Under 19’s program has really flourished over the last few years and we are excited to announce that both Caine Groves, and Tighe Chandler will again take the reins as coaches for our two 19’s teams.   Both guys have worked so well together, and were ably supported by Adrian Hale, Steve Taylor, Evan Ryder, and all the support staff within the 19s.

With the growth of Women’s and youth girls football within the club over the past 10 years, we have also appointed Alan Gailey, as our new Women’s Football Director of Coaching.   There isn’t a person that we believe is more qualified or experienced to take on this role, and with Al’s vast experience at the club, and understanding of how both junior girls and senior women’s football operates, it will allow the club to grow further in this area in the coming years.

As you can see by the re-appointment’s, and new additions to the senior club coaching ranks, our players will greatly benefit from the knowledge and experience that will be shared within each team and we look forward to sustained success in the future.   We greatly appreciate each and every one of you, and all that you do to help make our club better, and we thank you for your continued support of the club.