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2023 Teams

An exciting period of opportunity, growth & development at TIGERLAND

We look forward to 2023 being another exciting and successful season for the club both on and off the field.  With 9 teams making Grand Finals in season 2022, the club took home 1 Junior and 4 Senior Premierships which was an outstanding result.

Aiming to field 22 junior teams in the SMJFL and 8 senior teams in the VAFA, the club Is growing stronger year on year – a testament to the dedication, hard work and commitment of our wonderful players, parents, coaches, and committee members.

Andrew Saultry has taken on the new Director of Football Board position. Currently completing his Level 3 Coaching Accreditation, Andrew has been charged with supporting the growth and development of our coaches and players, implementing a club wide Tiger game-style and helping build club culture and connection across the entire football program.

Working with the Director of Football, Lucas Barrett will manage the SBMT Player Development Pathway program in his newly created Development Coach role. Closely aligned with our junior youth to U23 senior players, Lucas will implement a unified and well-defined pathway from junior to senior football at the club.  Utilising his high-level football background, Lucas will also liaise with external stakeholders such as NAB League and school representative sides, to ensure a holistic approach is being taken in the care and development of players in their transition to senior football at the club.

In season 2023, Joe Galati will continue to manage the club’s high-performance football program, the Tiger Football Academy (TFA).  Under Joe’s guidance and direction, the TFA has gone from strength to strength since its inception a few short years ago.  Offering the club’s U14+ players access to additional high-level coaching sessions run by Joe, our club coaches and a range of external coaches with NAB League, Saints NGA and other strong football experience.  Aiming to develop club coaches and players alike, TFA members also get access to their Premier Data match vision and additional feedback to further develop their football and ready them for representative and pathway program opportunities and senior football.

The Tiger Football Academy rounds out the club’s strong and wide-reaching football program which together highlights the strong vision and commitment of the club to keep driving standards across our interconnected football program.

Below are the Teams for 2023; coaches’ emails are included should you wish to contact a coach directly for more information.

Updates will follow as further coaches are appointed. Please feel free to contact Andrew Saultry if the coach for your age group is yet to be appointed.

Our Teams & Coaches

Director of Football Andrew Saultry Read More
Development Coach Lucas Barrett Read More
Director of Coaching, Women’s Football Al Gailey
Girls Football Coordinator Lisa Batson   Read More
VAFA Football  Coaches
Senior Men Steve D’Andrea
Senior Women Belinda Ousley Read More
Reserves Men Joel Mckee
Reserves Women Georgia Wilson
U19 Premier (co-coach) Tighe Chandler Read More
U19 Premier (co-coach) Evan Ryder
U19 Div 2 Jesse Sealey
U19 Div 4 Paul Murray
SMJFL Football  Coaches
U17.5 Boys Div 2 Steve Taylor
U16 Boys Div 1 Gavin Boyd Read More
U16 Boys Div 2 Sam Hecker
U16 Girls Div 2 Al Gailey
U15 Boys Div 1 Aldo Mangoni
U15 Boys Div 3  Andrew Clifton
U14 Boys Div 2 Tony Corcoran
U14 Girls Div 3 Peter Turley
U13 Boys Div 5 Sam Quade
U12 Mixed Div 3 Matt Terrell Read More
U10 Mixed Harvey Scott Jungwirth
U10 Mixed Riewoldt Sean Forde
U9 Mixed Loewe Tim Nolan
U9 Mixed Roberts Andrew Bertsthik
U8 Mixed Everitt Matthew Culph Read More