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Under the direction and governance of the Board, the aim of the VAFA Committee is to create a positive, safe and supportive environment that enables the Club and its Members to achieve the maximum enjoyment and success from participation in the VAFA competition. The Committee aims to foster and develop the playing of football within the Club and manage the day to day duties associated with football in the VAFA.

Paul O’Toole

President, VAFA

Mark Dance

Vice President, VAFA

Kara Betts

Secretary, VAFA

Richard Stacey

Michael Hazell

Head of Football
  • Email:

Chris Dee

Women's Football Manager

Samuel Browne

Social Media & Newsletter Coordinator

Meg Geschke

Women's Player Liaison

Steven Clarke

Events & Fundraising Coordinator
  • Email:

Jodie Cain

Functions Co-ordinator


Carolyn Goodchild

Merchandise Apparel Manager

Stephen Browne

Football Operations Manager, VAFA
  • Email:
  • Non Committee Role.

Tom Brain

VAFA Match Day Manager
  • Email:
    Non Committee Role