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Senior Membership


Online Registration Instructions

Follow these instructions to register in the VAFA for Seniors, Reserves, Thirds, Under 19s and Women’s teams.

SBMT Registration 2020

Welcome back for season 2020 in what promises to be an exciting year ahead.

To play in the VAFA, all Seniors, Reserves, Thirds, Under 19s and Women players need to register via the SportsTG online system. When registering, please make every effort to update your contact details so that the club can contact you if required.

After months of discussions at committee level, it has been agreed upon that our player registration fees for the 2020 season will need to rise accordingly to reflect the financial demands put on us by the VAFA, with their affiliation fees, player insurances, umpiring costs, and other levies put in place, not to mention the need to contribute towards our brand-new facility.  In calculating what it costs the club financially to field a single player on the field each year, it is now at a figure of $783 per player and unfortunately, the club isn’t in a financial position to bear these costs anymore.  The fee structure for the upcoming season will be as follows;

All senior men’s players – $400            All senior women’s players – $350            All Under 19 players – $375

We would strongly encourage each and every player to organize their own player sponsorship arrangement to help reduce the outlay that has to be made individually.   For every player sponsor obtained, the player will reimbursed $150 back into their nominated bank.  As part of the VAFA’s registration requirements, all player registrations must be paid up in full prior to the commencement of the season, otherwise the player will not be allowed to take to the field as they will not be covered by the league’s insurance policy.  Also, as an incentive, the club will be providing free of charge, a training apparel item to each and every senior player at the club once their registration fees have been paid.  Thank you all for your understanding and we look forward to an exciting season ahead.    The SBMT VAFA committee.

As discussed at training we encourage as many of you as possible to find a sponsor. Player Sponsors provide greater exposure and much needed revenue for our Club.

All players must be registered and paid up as soon as possible or at the latest by Round 1. This is a VAFA requirement in order to be covered by its insurance policy. If anyone requires assistance, we are happy to work with you and ask that you contact:

Please register as soon as you can to ensure readiness for the season and enable the Club to provide the best possible facilities, equipment and personnel for the forthcoming season.

If any problems just come and see either Kara or Tom in the Office on a Training Night and they will help guide you through the process.