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Sam Black Memorial Award

Sam came to the club in 2001 to commence his football career in our Under 9’s. He loved the game and enjoyed being a ‘Tiger cub’;  playing all 14 matches of the season, along with the lightening premiership. Her loved playing with his mates and they loved playing with him. He epitomised the excitement that we hope our young players of today experience. Sadly and unexpectedly a medical emergency over the summer season saw Sam tragically passed away. It was a shock to our close nite football community. From the next season onwards we remember Sam by recognising an Under 9 player who shares similar attributes.  Love of the game, love of being with mates and a love of trying hard.

Recipients Sam Black Memorial Award

2002  Steven Zagami 2003  Aaron Hodges 2004  Robert Blaich
2005  William Burmeister 2006  William Pickles 2007  James Moloney
2008  Samual Thiele 2009  Liam Purcell 2010  Kegan Timms
2011  Flynn Morley 2012  William Lomagno 2013  Hayden Whitehouse
2015  William Zakic 2016  Curtis Howe 2017  Cash Corcoran
2018  William Toohey 2018  Lenny Wilkins 2019  Ryan Thompson