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The Russell Logan Award  –   Junior Player of the Year 

The award is in honour of Russell Logan who went to St Bede’s College and died very young in his early 30’s. Russell was a champion student and footballer, as a junior at the college and playing amateurs at Ormond. After that he went back and coached junior football at St Peter’s.
A number of dads and ex-players of St Bede’s Tigers knew Russell and were all shocked at his passing and created this award to honour his memory starting in 1992 our club’s amalgamation season.

The award recognizes the total journey of a junior footballer from Under 9’s to his or her last year as a under 17yr old.

It’s not only about the awards he/she has won along the way but also his contribution to the Club as a leader via participation in Club events. Helping out when the need arises, showing maturity and supporting coaches and parents ie goal umpire, boundary umpire, contributing to the club’s broader activities, behind the canteen, any of those things.

Candidates are nominated from coaching, team management and parents and take into account the player’s total journey at the club.

We had three players in our winning 2008,  A Section premiership team who had won the Russell Logan award, Brett Collins, James Tyquin and Jon Kane.

Recipients Russell Logan Award

1992  Gerard Wilson 1993  Daniel Baulch 1994  Michael O’Brien
1995  Adrian Ryan 1996  Michael Locke 1997  Greg Strachan
1998  Tim McColl 1999  Simon Doukas 2000  Jonathan Kane
2001  Edward Worsnop 2002  James Tyquin 2003  Lloyd Kelly
2004  Daniel Goodman 2005  Brett Collins 2006  Patrick Tyquin
2007  Timothy Mavric 2008  Justin Norman 2008  Dale Foley
2009  Sam Amon 2010  Patrick Moloney 2011  Aaron Hodges
2012  Daniel Bova 2013  Andrew Watterson 2014  Joel Saunders
2015  Jake Goodchild 2016  Tom Denny 2017 James Banfield
2018  Flynn Morley 2019 TBE