Ladies Football Report 1978Club historian Associate Professor Rob Hess has verified that the Club first fielded a women’s team in the Victorian Women’s Football League in 2001. In fact, the Club has a long history of supporting women’s teams, including the possibility that women from Mentone may have played in a match (umpired by women) at Mordialloc Oval in 1956.

Women from the Mentone Life Saving Club, calling themselves the ‘Mentone Maulers’ also played at least one game in 1961, and on 26 July 1970 the ‘Mentone Maulers’ squared off against the ‘Glenhuntly Fairies’ in a match at Glenhuntly Reserve.

Closer to home and more directly linked to the Club, during the late 1970s former player Michael Eden coached a ‘Ladies Football Team’ (possibly for a couple of seasons). In 1978 they played three games, including a ‘grudge’ match against Parkdale and two games against Cheltenham. The report from Michael (right) highlights that Melbourne champion Robert Flower umpired one of the games, and the women played for a ‘perpetual cup’.

St Bede’s/Mentone Tigers AFC has a long and rich history, stretching back to the late nineteenth century. Our past and current female players are a significant part of the story that underpins our Club’s unique history.

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This article will list the Hall of Fame Members and describe their achievements.


Subject to the criteria, anyone may be nominated to be a member of the Hall of Fame. Persons, either alive or deceased, may be nominated by a group or by individuals, or nominations may be made by the nominee themselves. Nominators may be anonymous, and persons do not need to be a member of the club in order to submit a nomination. However, the more complete the information provided, the easier it will be for the Hall of Fame Sub-committee to check information and finalize their deliberations. Persons only need to be nominated once, but extra supporting or supplementary information concerning the nominee may be submitted in subsequent years by the initial nominator or other persons. It is understood that all information and material provided by nominators may be used for the purpose of publicising and promoting the Hall of Fame. Nominations must be submitted to a member of the Hall of Fame Sub-committee, or via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., in written form, either electronically or by means of a typed or hand-written note. Nominations by telephone will not be accepted. The nomination must include the following information:

  • Full name of person being nominated
  • Name of nominator and contact details (optional)
  • Category of nomination (either ‘Length of Service’, ‘Significant Achievement’, or ‘Both’)
  • Criteria satisfied (ie., precise number of games, or exact years of service, if known)
  • Other information (ie., a brief summary of information or achievements that should be taken into consideration, such as trophies awarded by the club, participation in finals or premierships, personal anecdotes or relevant biographical information. The availability of any personal memorabilia such as photographs or medallions that could be used for future display or publication purposes should also be noted.

 The availability of any personal memorabilia such as photographs or medallions that could be used for future display or publication purposes should also be noted.

The 2004 Centenary Year included the inauguration of 100 Hall of Fame members including ten Legends of the Mentone Football Club, St Bedes Old Collegians Football Club, Mentone Junior Football Club and the club that evolved from them all, the St Bedes/Mentone Tigers Amateur Football Club.

The Hall of Fame is open to all players, coaches, officials, match-day helpers and supporters. The criteria for nomination to the Hall of Fame covers the following areas:

  • Significant (Hall of Fame) or outstanding (Legend) service to the club, with a minimum of 100 senior or Reserve games and/or ten years as an official; and/or
  • Significant or outstanding achievement as an individual or as part of a team whilst playing, coaching or being active in administration; and/or
  • Significant or outstanding achievement elsewhere in a sporting or community capacity after beginning their career at one of the constituent clubs.

In the inauguration of the Hall of Fame, there has been a conscious attempt to capture a representation of people and events in the various histories of the clubs from 1904 to 2004 and to find a balance between players, coaches, officials and helpers in the various decades.

Obviously any such attempt is subjective and open to debate. After sifting through annual reports and minutes of committee meetings, checking local papers and history books, and cross-checking assessments with key personnel of the various eras, the problem was not so much who should be included, but rather the dilemma of leaving out so many outstanding contributors to the history of the clubs in order to restrict the numbers to 100 (representing one person for each year of the centenary).

The club seeks to recognise and honour the significant achievements of its players, officials and supporters by the creation of a permanent Hall of Fame. In season 2004, the centenary year of the club, the Mentone and St Bedes Old Collegians Football Club Hall of Fame was launched by the induction of one hundred persons. Ten of those persons also had the status of Legend conferred upon them. Other persons will be inducted into the Hall of Fame and/or be designated Legends in future seasons. It is anticipated that inductions to the Hall of Fame will be part of an annual club event (such as an annual ball, past players’ reunion, or annual general meeting) whereby appropriate recognition is given to new inductees.

Hall of Fame & Legends Criteria

The Hall of Fame Sub-committee is responsible for making all decisions relating to the Hall of Fame. The Hall of Fame Sub-committee consists of six persons, namely the honorary Club historian, one representative from the Mentone Football Club, one representative from the St Bedes Old Collegians Football Club, one representative from the Mentone Junior Football Club, one nominee from the Executive, and one inducted Legend (in future years)]. The Executive of the club ratifies all appointments and decisions of the Hall of Fame Sub-committee.

The Sub-committee is responsible for receiving, evaluating, and recommending nominations for the Hall of Fame. Written nominations, with some brief background material concerning the nominee, may be submitted to members of the Sub-committee at any time, but preferably prior to 01 March each year. Criteria to be considered will include:

  • Length of service: Ten years service shall be the accepted minimum guideline for the nomination of officials, sponsors or supporters. One hundred Senior and/or Reserve games shall be the accepted minimum guideline for the nomination of players or coaches, although junior games may also be taken into account where appropriate].
  • Significant achievement: Important contributions to the culture, welfare or success of the club that fall outside of Length of Service may also be taken into account. For example, this might include significant individual achievements such as club or competition best and fairest awards, outstanding goal kicking records, representative football, subsequent achievement at a VFL/AFL level or elite sport level and/or involvement by individuals, or groups of people, in premierships, junior development, or community service].

Legend Status will be conferred by the Sub-committee on those individuals considered to have made an outstanding and lasting contribution to the culture, heritage and development of the club. It is recommended that no more than 10% of the total number of Hall of Fame inductees shall be designated as Legends.

It is anticipated that the profiles of Hall of Fame members and Legends will receive prominence in the clubrooms, on the club website, and in publications produced by the club. The Hall of Fame Sub-committee shall recommend appropriate forms of recognition to the Executive of the club. Recommendations on other outcomes associated with the Hall of Fame (eg., Player reunions, Teams of the Decade, etc.) may also be made by the Sub-committee in future seasons.

Hall of Fame Committee: Mark Beasley, Robert Hess & Brett Marchant


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