The 2004 Centenary Year included the inauguration of 100 Hall of Fame members including ten Legends of the Mentone Football Club, St Bedes Old Collegians Football Club, Mentone Junior Football Club and the club that evolved from them all, the St Bedes/Mentone Tigers Amateur Football Club.

The Hall of Fame is open to all players, coaches, officials, match-day helpers and supporters. The criteria for nomination to the Hall of Fame covers the following areas:

  • Significant (Hall of Fame) or outstanding (Legend) service to the club, with a minimum of 100 senior or Reserve games and/or ten years as an official; and/or
  • Significant or outstanding achievement as an individual or as part of a team whilst playing, coaching or being active in administration; and/or
  • Significant or outstanding achievement elsewhere in a sporting or community capacity after beginning their career at one of the constituent clubs.

In the inauguration of the Hall of Fame, there has been a conscious attempt to capture a representation of people and events in the various histories of the clubs from 1904 to 2004 and to find a balance between players, coaches, officials and helpers in the various decades.

Obviously any such attempt is subjective and open to debate. After sifting through annual reports and minutes of committee meetings, checking local papers and history books, and cross-checking assessments with key personnel of the various eras, the problem was not so much who should be included, but rather the dilemma of leaving out so many outstanding contributors to the history of the clubs in order to restrict the numbers to 100 (representing one person for each year of the centenary).

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