The St Bedes/Mentone Tigers AFC is a not-for-profit organisation which relies heavily on the funds of sponsorship, grants and government donations for our facilities and upkeep. We are not a political organisation, but we do maintain positive relationships with our leaders from all political persuasions at a local council, state and federal government level.

Recently SBMT contacted the major parties fielding candidates in our electorate of Isaacs in anticipation of the upcoming federal election. At the writing of this post just after Anzac Day, the club had only heard back from the Labor candidate Mark Dreyfus, who has made an election commitment of $200K to SBMT for improvements to lights and coaching boxes if elected. Mr Dreyfus came down to training to announce this pledge to the players and some SBMT officials.

SBMT is growing in size of teams as well as the amount of players. Currently the lights are not of a quality required to play night matches and the cost of the upgrade rests with the club. Our current rate of expansion together with the explosion of growth in women’s football means that night matches may soon be a necessity. Any election promise from any candidate will be received gratefully from all at SBMT.