Hope everyone is well during these trying times, we seem to heading in the right direction as a Community so hopefully this continues and some normality returns.
On May the 11th there will be several announcements on the current situation with the easing or restrictions for the community and community clubs. So as a Club will will be guided by these and AFL Victoria and wait the the next stage.
Things are certainly looking better and we should all be proud of our efforts so far.
The Players have a Program and our communication levels are open and they are keen for a return.
Attached is a Podcast I did with Dylan Buckley, have a listen and I hope you enjoy it. I have known Dylan for a number of Years and hes a great person, so good to see his career is starting to take shape.
The Dyl & Friends Podcast is rocketing up the Charts, so download and enjoy.
Looking forward to getting back on board whenever that may be and as a Playing Group we cant wait to see all our Members and Supporters soon.
Adrian McBean