Well it’s all full steam ahead and we are back into the junior football season again. Firstly I would like to welcome both new members and those returning again. I’m sure that you will find our club environment a very enjoyable and supportive environment. To the die-hards that are returning again it’s fantastic that you have again entrusted our club to develop both on and off field your sons and daughters. Over the course of the off-season there will have been many changes that have occurred to your team support groups. Please be assured that the people that have stepped up to take on this responsibility will continue on the good work of those before them. Over the course of the last three weeks we have played some fantastic practice games against some strong local clubs and I’m sure that you are all ready to get into the real stuff. Throughout the season please continue to support the coaching/team support group and the club by acting in the spirit of the game, offering to assist when you are able to and focusing on what is the SMJFL motto “It’s all about the Kids”. Good luck for the season ahead and I look forward to catching up either at games or back at the clubrooms on Sunday nights. Go Tigers. Tim Beasley, Junior President