We as a club, along with our VAFA women’s team are excited to announce another fantastic appointment in Lachlan Worthy, who will assist Al Gailey, Joey Remman, Belinda Ousley, and Darren Story with the running of our senior women’s program for 2021 and beyond.    As you can see by Lachlan’s profile below, he brings to the club a wealth of experience and knowledge in senior women’s football, which will help further fast track the development of our senior women, who have already gained so much experience over the last few years.   It is a credit to Al Gailey and the women’s program that we can attract such off field talent to the club.

SWAFL Coach of the Decade 2000 – 2009

Lachlan was involved with two premierships, but more importantly he encouraged the growth of players and the game in Sydney. He has also coached seven players who have gone on to become league coaches, and coached 17 of the 22 players named in the Team of the Decade at either club or state level.

Team of the Decade article

1991 – 1995 – Player, Monash Gryphons VAFA

Lachlan was one of the foundation players with the Monash Gryphons in the VAFA following their establishment out of the Caulfield Institute of Technology. The early years were tough with wins few and far between. The highlight for him was being named Vice Captain of the Senior team in 1994 at age 21.