A football summary for our SBMT members & supporters from Adrian McBean – SBMT Senior Men’s Coach

It was the news we were expecting last night with the cancellation of Season 2020 for the VAFA, resulting in mixed emotions of disappointment and acceptance. Hopefully it’s the longest preseason we will ever do from November to July with a break in between before Season 2021.

The players have been outstanding. To constantly have over 55 players every week at training, with sessions starting as late as 7.45pm and Saturday mornings as well, they have continued on. We set ourselves a trademark at the start of the year in our behaviours and I could not be prouder of our playing group and our Club. I’ve had players asking if they can double up on sessions, asking if they can train three times a week! We have a leadership group that has stood up in adversity and set the example for our younger players, as well as a group of players coming up who have been outstanding.

Culture is a word we often hear relating to workplaces as well as sporting clubs and when you ask people, they have different meanings. For me it’s a way of life, the way our behaviour sets the example for others and shows what we believe in. Our trademark as a playing group is spirit, hardness, bold and ruthlessness and as a coaching group we were looking forward to the year and had high expectations.
Every training session we were thinking things like,
I can’t wait to see this player off the half backline, maybe he can go in the middle?
Can this player play senior football?
Gee I think these men coming up from the U19s are going to play Round 1 in the
seniors! How exciting when we hand them their first SBMT Senior jumper!
The family will be proud.
I said to the players last night, “God help who was going to line up against us first up!”

All our lives have been disrupted to a certain degree, some more than others so you look forward to training (yes it’s true). We get there and see the players having fun. It puts a smile on your face.

The new SBMT facility looks great. It’s such a pity that we haven’t been able to get in there and it’s been frustrating sitting on the balcony and overlooking the ground. We look forward to the day when down on the ground, we will hear the supporters cheering from up there.
The support from Paul and the SBMT Senior Committee has been outstanding every session. Thanks Tommy, Mark and Pete.

Adrian McBean